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Excellence in Digital Communication
Through Continuous Improvement

Kaizen (改善) is the Japanese word for improvement. It refers to actions that continually improve processes and it involves everyone in an organization. Initially practiced in Japan after World War II, it is influenced in part by earlier American quality-management theory.

Kaizen practices can be applied to anything in business and in life. Applying them to digital communications
is where I come in. My name is Greg Norton.

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Improving Results Across All Digital Channels

I apply the concepts of continuous improvement to digital communications by looking at a digital channel – say, your web site – and discovering areas for potential improvement. Once these are identified, I work to fully understand current practices and how they relate to the final product. This sets the stage for structured, measurable innovation.

By brainstorming with everyone in the process, I’ll develop an improvement hypothesis and testing implementation plan that, once initiated, will yield actionable results to help you improve your digital outreach.

Once adopted, the cycle of continuous improvement is repeated without end so the effectiveness of every digital touch-point and channel is tested, measured, improved, and tested again.

The Kaizen cycle relies on measurements to identify areas that can be improved and testing proposed process improvements. Once improved methods are adopted, the cycle is repeated.


“Greg is a mature, responsible and dependable teammate dedicated to doing what’s necessary to get the job done. His greatest strength is in being a team player.”
Glen Bradley, Vice President of Marketing for Price Chopper Supermarkets
Glen Bradley
Vice President Marketing, Price Chopper Supermarkets
“Working with Greg was a very rewarding experience. He’s a real problem-solver who enjoys a challenge. We were able to accomplish a lot together.”
Sarah Palmer
Sarah Palmer
Sales and Marketing Manager, SparkeShoppe Ltd.
“Greg did a an excellent job in the time he served as Editor of the Times of Ti. He was outgoing, full of ideas and proved to be a great asset to our organization.”

Dan Alexander
Owner, Denton Publications
“Greg added a searchable database to one of our key promotions so program participants could track their progress. We later adopted that approach and continue to offer it to our customers.”

Jeffrey Obuchowski
Vice President Operations, Universal Promotions, Inc
“I had the pleasure of working with Greg for 11 years during my customer-facing roles at Informz and Higher Logic. Greg was very organized and operationally aware managing the many different email campaigns that he was responsible for… He is exceptionally experienced in large-scale email outreach to drive outcomes.”

Director Product Operations at Higher Logic
“I worked with Greg for about 4 years on various projects related to digital marketing. Greg’s expertise, great people and communication skills, and always-quick responsiveness consistently made him a pleasure to work with, both personally and professionally. I hope we collaborate on future projects.”

Jeff Sandgren
Client Implementation Manager at Inmar

Content Management


More than two decades experience managing web site content for trade publications and a major supermarket chain.

Email Outreach


Developed email campaigns reaching hundreds of thousands of consumers multiple times per week.

Search Engine Optimization


Raises the performance bar of for web sites by optimizing content, keywords, URL strings, outbound links and more.

Web Site Analytics


Certified advanced user of Google Analytics. Also handy with Google Ads, Tag Manager and other tools for understanding performance metrics.




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