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Beautiful view snow covered mountain ranges silhouettes and fog filled valleys with bright back light. South Tyrol, Itay, Alps. Happy winning success man at sunset or sunrise standing relaxed and is happy for having reached mountain top summit goal during hiking travel trek.

The Five S’s in ‘Kaizen’

5S emphasizes structure, order, cleanliness, standardization and sustaining a process.

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Path up green hill

Keep the Change with Kaizen

Good managers incrementally guide change with small, achievable steps.

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Mystic vista

6 Steps to the Land of Kaizen

Better communication. Higher morale. Satisfied customers. Yes, the Land of Kaizen is a great place to be – and here are 6 steps to get there.

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Gold nuggets

Where to Find Kaizen Gold

Find out where X marks the spot on your continuous improvement treasure map.

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